Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aim of Islamic Society

Reason alone is not enough to solve the problem of life. Reason needs revelation (Wahee) - Just as eyes need the light of the sun. This revelation is preserved in the Quran in its final and complete form. Mankind, therefore, cannot reach its desired destination without the Quran. » The Quran is the criterion for judging between truth and falsehood. Everything that agrees with the Quran is correct. That which is at variance with it, is false.
» The Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him has attained the pinnacle of beautiful character and conduct. Foreign con­spiracies, however, vitiated our history by alloying it with things that are a blot on the Messenger peace be upon him escutcheon, that is a stain on his honor. These sections of our history in whatever books they may appear are altogether wrong and fabricated. The Holy Qur'an is the ONLY criterion for judging the Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him character.
» From the viewpoint of the Quran, all human beings inhabiting the earth, are individuals belonging to one universal brotherhood. The practical aspect of estab­lishing this brotherhood would be that all mankind may lead their lives according to ONE dispensation.
» This universal organization of life may be formu­lated in such a manner that people of every era according to the requirements of their time - may compile the details of law in the light of the Quran, and by mutual consulta­tion. This would be done in the light of the immutable principles of the Quran. (These are called SHRIAH LAWS). The details of the law will keep changing according to circumstances, but the principles of the Quran shall forever remain unalterable.
» From the point of view of such an organization, the Quran envisages a society in which the latent abilities of ALL individuals are developed, and no one in such a society will be deprived of his life's necessi­ties. (This is interpreted as the preservation of the masses, or the fostering of mankind)
» For the attainment of this supreme objective of the preservation of the masses (from the Quranic viewpoint), it is indispensable that the sources of subsistence should be controlled by society, instead of being left in the hands of individuals. This will ensure that the distribution of the means of living, would be in accordance with the needs of every one. Thus no human being will be at the mercy of another human being. This is called the QURANIC ORGANIZATION FOR THE PRESERVATION OF MANKIND. Our aim is that the Quranic approach may prevail so that in the light of Divine Attributes every human being's latent abilities may develop fully. The world will thus become resplendent with the Light of the Eternal Nourisher (God Almighty).

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