Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome 2014!!!

Assalamualaikum wrh wbt...
Alhamdulillah with all His ni'mah that he has given to me... I still can breath till today. Syukran a'la kulli ni'mah ya Allah!!! :) SubhaanAllah.... walhamdulillah....wa la ilaa ha illallah... wAllahu akbar!!!

Last year (2013) was a very meaningful year to me... many happy and sad things happened to me including in the year of 2012...


  • I finished my studies at IIUM with degree and get a wonderful job (Alhamdulillah ya Allah)
  • I met wonderful housemates, friends and office mates (may Allah bless all of you)
  • Married with amazing man [25052013]
  • Started online business
  • My house flooded (Dec 2013)

This year still need to create a better life... This year is just started, but i still need to figure out on how to add more money even i work from home. It is a bless for me because i can be there all time for my beloved husband. Alhamdulillah 

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