Friday, August 5, 2011

Values of Life

‘What goes around comes around’ this kind of statement is very meaningful in our lives. Another catchphrase that can be used is ‘experience is the best teacher’. Both motivational phrases are very true and useful as our reference in this challenging world.

For me, experience does teach me to become more mature and to be a better person…Insyaallah! After having some time and opportunity to grab as much experience that I can from working as a part timer during my semester break really teach me about how people deal with each other as an office mate. Since that I have went to two kinds of slight different environment, I feel that I am very grateful that I have been chosen at my beloved university.

It seems like I have been in a very different world compared during my study life as a student. I’m not telling you that I am a very good person. But I decided to be an observant in order to observe people’s attitude and at the same time if it is good to be followed I will take it as my guidance in future and if it is vice versa I will take it as my lesson for me in order not to repeat the same mistakes. Wallahu a’lam…

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